poll: maybe we shouldn't list 'paddles' as an interest (ps: don't let granny read this post)

But you be the judge. When you click on our profile, near the bottom (no pun intended) you find "paddles."

Here are some of the nice people who share our "interest."

1. - bottoms up

Ashford : Kent : United Kingdom
Interests: food, spanking, knickers, panties, hairbrushes, paddles, charlotte church [!!!], rimming, gay, bottom fetish, thongs, butt plugs, Rosaleen Young,otk, anal, riding crop, whip, martinet, submissive, domminant, culottes, fessee, smack bottom

2. - Untrammeled

22 year old female Scorpio
Austin : Texas : United States
Interests: BDSM, spanking, punishment, sex, pain, submission, willpower, chains, cuffs, whips, floggers, paddles, otk, anal sex, domination, submission

3. - just slave
42 year old female Capricorn
Texas : United States
Interests: Master, the Master/slave way of life, slavery, submission, kajira, canes, floggers, paddles, crops, bondage, spanking, Gorean, music, reading, backgammon, guitars, keyboards, flower gardening, vegetable gardening, jigsaw puzzles, photography, nature

Arja's training to kick your arse

just when you thought it was safe to relax, some little finnish miss heads to the hills so that her butt will be finely-honed for the upcoming season. rest stops are optional.

yeah, it's 8am on a Sunday. yeah, I'll be coming around the mountain when I come.

da coach.

training is fun. now get me a fried breakfast - pronto.

come for lurch, dammit

Click photo for large-size menu
WHERE: Delany's - Wanchai, site of the official "Lamma Ladies who Lurch" luncheons
WHEN: December 16th, 12:30
WHY: Do you really need to ask? Food and hooch!
WHAT: Santa Exchange - buy a small and tricksie gift for exchange ($50-$100HKD). She who opens the package first can keep or exchange gift with something new on the table, leaving the itchy santa-themed thong and garter for next victim.

WHO: It was Karen's idea - you'll have to get all the gift-exchange details from her.

Pink online

And when I am done beating you; I will beat your
friends and family and you will cry and cry. Fear me:
I have big muscles and I know how to use them!
- Captain Katie Dragon 2005

Are you talking to me? Are YOU, talking to ME?
- Ivan, flanked by his paddle-soldiers, 2005

The 2005 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races had absolutely NOTHING to recommend it. Unless you like manky water and smelling like a public toilet.

The Lamma Ladies, of course, dressed for the occassion. Get used to the wigs; there are always wigs.