Three Gold Cups: One FANTASTIC TEAM

The Lamma Ladies Top Deck "Deck-odent Dragons" had a stellar year.

To begin: our SILVER MEDAL from Shatin after 2 weeks' training!
Race Two: The Deepwater Bay Regatta where we were slamming in the heats, and unfortunately, also "slamming" in the final - for Bronze!





Spectacular team work, dedication from every single member of the Lamma Ladies and a fantastic ability to OUT PINK, OUT PADDLE and OUT PARTY made 2006 one of our best years one record.

Congratulations Lamma! And mountains of Pink Love.

xxxxx (them's kisses, by the way)
- Lamma Gina

Christina is on her honeymoon - again!

Trophy's for the Lamma Men - Hooray!

Amy and Ivan: the super-power team that keep us afloat!

Kevin and Karen: Alliterative and disturbingly cute

Gina's grin, splitting her face (cup borrowed from Christina's honeymoon with special permission).


The Cheung Chau Gold Cup: So exciting we peed our pants!

Katie says, "I don't think I have Peter Berry rash... yet."

Boracay Body Condoms make a second appearance!

Christina - at the barre (not the bar... that comes later).

Lamma Ladies, official team coconut casings

Thank you very much!

The Lamma Ladies - as many have guessed - are very shy. We don't like to boast, or announce our winnings, or engage in any unladylike behaviour of that nature.

Which is why we would like to say "THANK YOU" to Top Deck at the Jumbo for announcing our GOLD MEDALS and FIRST-PLACE CUP that we won at the International Races in Boracay over the May 12-14 weekend!

It's so nice to have someone brag about us on our behalf.

Typhoon Madness while the Dragon Entered

YES, THAT IS THE WRONG COLOUR! Put down the knife Finn, she's one of ours!

Happy Birthday dear KIM! Happy Boracay-Birthday to you!

As you can see, we were definitely challenged by the gorgeous locals. In fact, we huddled in a tent to save ourselves from comparison. Okay, we didn't - but shit they are amazing.

Wait, wait - we cannot take anymore. You guys are too hot. Come to Hong Kong! COME TO HONG KONG!

Yes, they are all wearing gold medals (that would be the WINNER'S medals to the layman).
Yes, they OUT-PINKED, OUT-PADDLED and are about to OUT-PARTY the ass out of this island.
Yes, this dress is a man-made fabric.

On the cat to Boracay. No, not a kitty-cat. Don't be daft.

Behind that sweet exterior beats the heart of a paddler-killer. Watch your ass.

She's Finnish. Ask Orville.

Body condoms, brought to you by our weekend typhoon. One of these people isn't sober.

Vat? Zees eez not Brazil! Sheet! Now I have to teach zees pinkies how to party!

Yes. We are famous. What do you see? PINK (on the right. Duh). What did we do all weekend? Out-Pinked, Out-PADDLED and Out-Partied (well, the SeaGods beat us on partying one night...)

Isn't she lovely? And a kick-ass paddler, swimmer, runner....

All subject to the regulated colour-scheme. Manila approved.

Ralph Lauren-approved matching wardrobes. No - really - they are lovely. So co-ordinated! So Pink!

That isn't the Playboy mansion! Ha! You got me!

And when I am crowned queen, the language of Brazil will be Pinklish.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Can we go home now? Where is that dance party?

I am just getting warmed up. In two hours, my eye-lashes will be even longer.

5 years of secretarial school and all i got was the leading role in that S&M movie about... a secretary. Love the hair.

You only think your boobs are bigger than mine. Look. LOOK!!!

It doesn't get any better than this. LAMMA IN BORACAY 2006.

test video from deepwater bay...but stops at crucial point!!

Still working on making this work!

Thanks to Lisa's good-man Greg for taking it!

The Best TOP DECKS in Hong Kong

There is far too much to say about the Deepwater Bay races on May 7.

There is far too much left to do.

There is no such thing as too much pink.

Lamma Ladies: Power, Precision & Passion for

Out Pinking, Out Paddling & Out Partying!

Boracay begins, Wednesday at 6:30 at Hong Kong International Airport. Pink Champers begin at 6:40 at Hong Kong International Airport. Be there.

Our Sponsor: Top Deck!

Because the Lamma Ladies have far more significant things to do with our time than worry about finances (such as training, out-pinking, and drinking white-wine sodas), our sponsorship arrangements were slow in being realized this year.

No More: The Lamma Ladies are thrilled to announce that our 2006 sponsor is Top Deck at the Jumbo, which is part of the Cafe Deco Group.

Check out their website. It has pretty pictures.

Not only is the food and drink at the Top Deck amazing (Sunday Brunch is not to be missed!), but you get to sit smack-dab in the centre of the Aberdeen Marina; gazing idly at the ice-cream dream vessels of the local 'yachties' and generally feeling more and more spoiled and indolent as you quaff champagne in the sunshine.

Oh it's a tough life, but somebody has to live it.

In truth, the only reason we are telling the general public in this forum is because that is what good teams do for their sponsors. (That and win races, but that remains our goal of the near future!).

Otherwise, we wouldn't tell anyone anything, for fear the place is booked when we want to go.

So visit the Top Deck here:

Top Deck at the Jumbo
Jumbo Kingdom
Shum Wan Pier Drive
Wong Chuk Hang
T: +852 2552 3331

But hey: try not to hog all the best seats, okay?

Lotsa splashing - Tin Hau 2006

Sometimes, on very special festival days, the Lamma Ladies deign to play with the boys; if only to appease the goddess Tin Hau.

Mind - playing nice with the Lamma men can cause symptons such as nausea, vomiting, face-pulling and the occassional temper tantrum.

Fortunately, the men can often amuse themselves. Note the homoerotic ear nibbling above.
Nathan: "Oh, I got your ear! Mmmmm! Tasty little delicate, scrumptious ear!"
Ellis: "Tee hee!"

Katie, Gina and Arja prepare themselves for the Cover Girl Face of Youth and Beauty competition. Since Katie and Gina didn't get anywhere with the Amazing-Race-Run-by-Morons, we figure that next contract is all sewn up!

They are discussing cold fusion. And relativity. Like: "if my mother and father were related before they got married, am I related to myself?"

Premis A: Splashing indicates good fortune and joy. The wetter you get, the more fortune will smile upon you.
Premis B: Everyone here smells bad and is blaming it on each other.

Premis A: Ooooohhhhh, good fortune!
Premis B: Arrrrgh, next time use soap!

Onwards! Cool alcoholic beverages await! And Steamed Prawns! And a Roast Pig!

What an awesome day on Lamma. Tin Hau be blessed!

Amazing Pink Ladies Want to Race

Yes, yes: you've heard it here first. Former-captain Katie (wooh wooh!) and her shorter, darker (evil dark!) replacement Captain Gina are entering the Amazing Race Asia! At least, they are sending in their application for the Amazing Race Asia.

Not satisfied with Pinking, Paddling and Partying in Hong Kong and Boracay (though we love to do so), they are trying to take their show on the road, bringing fame, fun and fashion conciousness to Paddlers and Couch-Potatoes everywhere.

For a preview of their video application, click here: You Bitches!

Not only does this fine film represent Katie and Gina at their supernatural best, but it also features a glimpse of the LOVLIEST LAMMA LADIES as they support their captains (new and not-new), through their great team spirit and - ahem - amusing sense of humour.

Left: Blond bombshell Katie. Right: Dark, sneaky Gina.

If YOU want to see more of the Lamma Idiots on your TV now, and would like to support Kookie Katie and Girning Gina in their team entry, send an email into AXN at this address:

Begin the viral campaign; we could be the next superflu!

Gina and Katie for the Amazing Race Asia 2006!

laughin lamma ladies

Sunday, March 12 - Lamma Ladies hit Shatin for our first race of the season. Some of us felt that it went well.

Practicing on the river: breathing through your nose is advisable, but commonly forgotten in the heat of the race. This year, nobody spotted any floating dead things. There were a couple of moody looking paddlers on the water though... but not in pink!

There is something that we like very much about this photo. But then, we don't really believe in omens; we believe in self-fulfilling prophesies.

Men in pink are hot. really. we are not lying. even the Scottish ones! (love ya Frazer!).

All of this and medals and trophies too. And what lovely faces! Not a maniac in the crowd. Behold the secret weapon: children with high expectations of their mother! A more potent force in the universe has yet to be discovered.

Well, tofu farts are rather potent, but we try not to think about those.