all this, and scary men too

Yes, it appeared that nothing was happening, but the New Year has rolled in and the year of the dog is coming next.

The Lamma Ladies who Lurch met for their Christmas luncheon and wore terrible hats and traded (non-terrible) gifts and laughed and snorted into their mulled wine and lurched out again.

Christmas happened. There was far too much champage. I think that goes for everyone.

New Year's Eve. No photos shall be posted.

And tomorrow, Saturday 21 January, Lamma is welcoming new paddle recruits to her happy shores.

For a little inspiration, here are paddling images from Penang, Malaysia, 2004. We loved Malaysia, though our "men's team" looks strangely familiar.

The tall babe dancing in the tent? That is our long-distance Brazilian goddess Lulu. The woman with the 'stache and long braids? Our crazy paddle queen Claire - from Zambia.

Did either of these women live on Lamma in 2004? Hell no! Lulu came from Northern Thailand to paddle with her Lamma team and Claire prolonged (by 3 months) a business trip/vacation to stay for the paddle season.

This year, Lamma expects Princess Ra to return from grimmest England for our return offensive on the Island of Boracay (Dragon Run 2006!) and we welcome new members and old.

After all: we need someone to pick up our bar tab!

By the way - these dudes are Australian and are not our fault... Well they might be the fault of a few of the girls wandering around in their terribly prudish bikinis. We are very culturally sensitive that way.