Our Sponsor: Top Deck!

Because the Lamma Ladies have far more significant things to do with our time than worry about finances (such as training, out-pinking, and drinking white-wine sodas), our sponsorship arrangements were slow in being realized this year.

No More: The Lamma Ladies are thrilled to announce that our 2006 sponsor is Top Deck at the Jumbo, which is part of the Cafe Deco Group.

Check out their website. It has pretty pictures.

Not only is the food and drink at the Top Deck amazing (Sunday Brunch is not to be missed!), but you get to sit smack-dab in the centre of the Aberdeen Marina; gazing idly at the ice-cream dream vessels of the local 'yachties' and generally feeling more and more spoiled and indolent as you quaff champagne in the sunshine.

Oh it's a tough life, but somebody has to live it.

In truth, the only reason we are telling the general public in this forum is because that is what good teams do for their sponsors. (That and win races, but that remains our goal of the near future!).

Otherwise, we wouldn't tell anyone anything, for fear the place is booked when we want to go.

So visit the Top Deck here:

Top Deck at the Jumbo
Jumbo Kingdom
Shum Wan Pier Drive
Wong Chuk Hang
T: +852 2552 3331

But hey: try not to hog all the best seats, okay?

Lotsa splashing - Tin Hau 2006

Sometimes, on very special festival days, the Lamma Ladies deign to play with the boys; if only to appease the goddess Tin Hau.

Mind - playing nice with the Lamma men can cause symptons such as nausea, vomiting, face-pulling and the occassional temper tantrum.

Fortunately, the men can often amuse themselves. Note the homoerotic ear nibbling above.
Nathan: "Oh, I got your ear! Mmmmm! Tasty little delicate, scrumptious ear!"
Ellis: "Tee hee!"

Katie, Gina and Arja prepare themselves for the Cover Girl Face of Youth and Beauty competition. Since Katie and Gina didn't get anywhere with the Amazing-Race-Run-by-Morons, we figure that next contract is all sewn up!

They are discussing cold fusion. And relativity. Like: "if my mother and father were related before they got married, am I related to myself?"

Premis A: Splashing indicates good fortune and joy. The wetter you get, the more fortune will smile upon you.
Premis B: Everyone here smells bad and is blaming it on each other.

Premis A: Ooooohhhhh, good fortune!
Premis B: Arrrrgh, next time use soap!

Onwards! Cool alcoholic beverages await! And Steamed Prawns! And a Roast Pig!

What an awesome day on Lamma. Tin Hau be blessed!