Amazing Pink Ladies Want to Race

Yes, yes: you've heard it here first. Former-captain Katie (wooh wooh!) and her shorter, darker (evil dark!) replacement Captain Gina are entering the Amazing Race Asia! At least, they are sending in their application for the Amazing Race Asia.

Not satisfied with Pinking, Paddling and Partying in Hong Kong and Boracay (though we love to do so), they are trying to take their show on the road, bringing fame, fun and fashion conciousness to Paddlers and Couch-Potatoes everywhere.

For a preview of their video application, click here: You Bitches!

Not only does this fine film represent Katie and Gina at their supernatural best, but it also features a glimpse of the LOVLIEST LAMMA LADIES as they support their captains (new and not-new), through their great team spirit and - ahem - amusing sense of humour.

Left: Blond bombshell Katie. Right: Dark, sneaky Gina.

If YOU want to see more of the Lamma Idiots on your TV now, and would like to support Kookie Katie and Girning Gina in their team entry, send an email into AXN at this address:

Begin the viral campaign; we could be the next superflu!

Gina and Katie for the Amazing Race Asia 2006!

laughin lamma ladies

Sunday, March 12 - Lamma Ladies hit Shatin for our first race of the season. Some of us felt that it went well.

Practicing on the river: breathing through your nose is advisable, but commonly forgotten in the heat of the race. This year, nobody spotted any floating dead things. There were a couple of moody looking paddlers on the water though... but not in pink!

There is something that we like very much about this photo. But then, we don't really believe in omens; we believe in self-fulfilling prophesies.

Men in pink are hot. really. we are not lying. even the Scottish ones! (love ya Frazer!).

All of this and medals and trophies too. And what lovely faces! Not a maniac in the crowd. Behold the secret weapon: children with high expectations of their mother! A more potent force in the universe has yet to be discovered.

Well, tofu farts are rather potent, but we try not to think about those.


We Wanna Win More.
Like last year in Mui Wo.