We want you in 2007!

As happy as we are to trumpet our success in the 2006 season, there comes a time when we need to state the truth:

We need new paddlers!

As with most dragon boat clubs in Hong Kong, the Lamma Ladies lose paddlers each and every year to horrible things like pregnancy, relocation, and - very occasionally - the demands of what some people call "real life". (Though some of us are unfamiliar with this term, others insist that it does, in fact, exist; along with "good salary" and "men who clean bathrooms").

In any case, each year, the Lamma Ladies are delighted to take on a new crop of members, and we always wish to assure our new paddlers that nobody is an uber-paddler in the beginning. We do not have expectations of fitness; nor is experience necessary (in fact, lack of experience is often better!).

All we require is some new cool chicks, willing to hit the water, come to training and get ready to work and have a fantastic time in equal proportions. It helps if you can hold your liquor, but even that is not a prerequisite.

So join the Lamma Ladies today! Everyone begins in the same place: sat on a creaky, wooden seat, with the threat of splinters encroaching on your bum, and a big old scratchy paddle in your hand. What could be better?

For more information, please contact Gina at lamma_gina@yahoo.com.hk
She has no life, so she'll get back to you lickety-split.

Lamma Ladies Recruiting for 2007!!!

Join the Lamma Ladies for the 2007 Season and get Powerful,Passionate and - oh so very pretty.

The girliest-looking, toughest talking, meanest paddling crew of Ladies will hit the water on January 26-27 for introductory sessions for the new season. Join us on January 21 - Sunday - at 3pm in the Island Bar to learn more and sign up for a season of tough training and brilliant fun.

The Lamma Ladies will travel to Boracay again in 2007, to defend their gold medal. In addition, we are hosting the first Lamma Dragon Boat Festival on June 10th.

Lamma Ladies Dragon Boating: less fattening than chocolate, tan lines to die for, and all the pink you could ever imagine.

For more information, contact lamma_gina@yahoo.com.hk