Introducing: the Perfect Ass awards!

Now that the Lamma Ladies have put down the Doritos, we've started our usual exercise routine of beer-chugging (those steins are heavy!) and occasionally getting off the sofa to change the channel. (okay, we lost the remote).

There are a few mad individuals who have embraced the hillsides of Lamma, and decided that running up and down them, over and over and over again, might aid in their performance in the dragon boats.

For these brave and hardy individuals, we hereby announce the "perfect ass" competition.

Here is a photo that our fellow web-izens have deemed a perfect ass:

Please note: this is NOT a Lamma Color-coded approved ass, it is merely a "perfect ass" representation, as denoted by our worldly peers (online, not in real life).

Cheeky number, isn't she? (We have no idea what period of the 1980s this photo comes from, but that is neither here nor there.)

There are, of course, different kinds of "perfect asses." Therefore, at the end of the season, we intend to judge both the Lamma Dragon men (who are running hills as well) and the Lamma Ladies for "perfect ass-ness." Awards will be handed out at the end of season.

So we urge you: get out there and sculpt yourself a perfect ass. Or just be one. Either works for us.


Anonymous said...

whoever wrote this is retarded... its not an old photo its a pic from a webvid... it was like a couple years ago.... 1980's??? wtf?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a picture of Keyra Augustina's ass. And it's not old.

Anonymous said...

they didn't make them like that back in the 80's

Anonymous said...

That is actually that is vida guerra"s ass.

Anonymous said...

its not vida guerra's, like anon said its keyra augustina's

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