when the sun shines out of Claudia's armpits

Ah yes, now we remember where the Lamma Ladies got their reputation for aggravatingly laid-back behaviour!
Behold: two natural brunettes and four suspiciously sun-shiney blonds. Please note: they drinks were consumed after a practice.
And yes: the sun does shine out of Claudia's arm-pits. Sometimes it shines out of the Beast Master's butt. Sometimes.
Georgie: butt blisters are no excuse for this shocking display. Put your pants on! (Nice legs!)

Introducing: the Perfect Ass awards!

Now that the Lamma Ladies have put down the Doritos, we've started our usual exercise routine of beer-chugging (those steins are heavy!) and occasionally getting off the sofa to change the channel. (okay, we lost the remote).

There are a few mad individuals who have embraced the hillsides of Lamma, and decided that running up and down them, over and over and over again, might aid in their performance in the dragon boats.

For these brave and hardy individuals, we hereby announce the "perfect ass" competition.

Here is a photo that our fellow web-izens have deemed a perfect ass:

Please note: this is NOT a Lamma Color-coded approved ass, it is merely a "perfect ass" representation, as denoted by our worldly peers (online, not in real life).

Cheeky number, isn't she? (We have no idea what period of the 1980s this photo comes from, but that is neither here nor there.)

There are, of course, different kinds of "perfect asses." Therefore, at the end of the season, we intend to judge both the Lamma Dragon men (who are running hills as well) and the Lamma Ladies for "perfect ass-ness." Awards will be handed out at the end of season.

So we urge you: get out there and sculpt yourself a perfect ass. Or just be one. Either works for us.

Happy International Lamma Ladies' (Women's) day

From the 2006 season, but one of our favourites!
Lamma Ladies win Stanley.

putting the 'fun' back into fundraising

Every team has its own way of raising money for race fees, new team shirts and gear, and the occasional travel subsidy. The Lamma Ladies - we are proud to say - have taken fund-raising to a whole other level.
And so it was that on March 3rd, at 7:30pm in an undisclosed location (Thanks Claudia!) 35 women gathered in their Sunday best (Elvira-red lipstick, plunging necklines, heels) to drink a variety of sinful pink cocktails and listen - with respectful attention - to a brief, yet informative, lecture on human sexuality.
Then we all played with the sex gadgets that our human sexuality expert / sexologist brought along for our shopping interest. (Imagine: sex and shopping. A winning combination!)
I cannot imagine why a photographer showed up at the undisclosed location in hopes of making a quick documentary. Alas, we shooed him away, as we are very prudish and shy.

Note: By "play" with the sex toys on display, we do not mean that any items were in "use". We simply compared and contrasted the various goods, lotions, potions and assorted doodads on display.

OK - fair enough - one lady wore one of the items. No, it wasn't the "nipple jewelry." (Many of us are still grateful for the latter escape from TMI and visual overload).

So yeah, just when you thought it was safe to be a Lamma Lady again, having nearly forgotten our brush with S&M fame from this episode or even this previous entry, it turns out that we are just as pervy as we ever were.
Big thanks to Mel for her fantastic arrangements and abundant cleavage, and to Heather at New Sensations for her impressive, positive and fun presentation.
And thank you Lamma Ladies, for your continuing support of the team. It was - surprise, surprise - a very successful fundraising event. One warning, however; if you are not in the boat in 2 weeks (after your New Sensations products are delivered), we will be staging home interventions. Please do not be wearing the "jewelry" if we need to come and find you. Please.
In other news: training is fantastic! Full boats, enthusiastic paddlers, and all the jellyfish a gang of gals could wish for, floating just inches from our fingertips. Really, can you think of anything better?